Now autumn is here for real in Stockholm, the trees are starting to change into yellow and red, the air is clear and crispy early in the mornings. I try to tell myself that it's cozy when it gets dark earlier in the evening and that it's time to light the candles.


How did your autumn start? I myself have set some goals, new plans and I feel that it will be a good autumn. I have decided that it will be a really good autumn. Autumn where I will train a lot, eat good healthy food, and do very fun things in my business. Make small excursions and trips, make sure to feel as good as possible. To do good things that will benefit and strengthen my future self.

I do not know if you recognize yourself, but I sometimes have the tendency to get started and want to do too many things at once. This means that I can easily lose energy, feel that it becomes overwhelming to be able to keep up with everything. So, I thought I'd read about the book I read a couple of years ago, "The One Thing". Have you read it?

To get more focus and think about doing one thing at a time. It's something I need to remind myself of right now, to get more things done. Once burned out, it is completely hopeless to have several things going on at the same time, one's thoughts become like mud and it is difficult to simply think clearly and distinctly. So, it's the book of the week to read.



I feel so happy and grateful that I took this opportunity to choose to work completely online a few years ago. Creating a thriving online business, it gives me so much freedom on so many different levels of life.

For me, it is the freedom to be able to choose to wake up when I am asleep in the morning, and with that, I do not say that I sleep long. Without more the feeling of waking up without being woken up by the cell phone.

Freedom for me is to be able to work the hours that suit me best based on all the other things I want in life. That work is governed by life than that life should be governed by work.

Freedom for me is to be able to travel, to be where I feel right at the moment. Opportunity to travel, when it becomes easy again.

So, I continue my Sunday by going out on a sunny autumn walk.


Take Care

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