How are you today?

Many people are sitting at home today, some work from home, some have lost their jobs or have closed down their company. Then we have everyone working in health care and in hospitals, who ask us to stay home. Let's all take that call seriously, reduce the spread of infection. Avoid getting sick.

Being isolated from the rest of society can be rather tedious, you spend most of your time at home, watching TV, cleaning and washing a bit.

But I think we can also use the time to do something that can change and improve our own lives.

My everyday life when it comes to work is not that different from a few weeks ago. I've been working from home for a few years now, and continue with it now as well.


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Invest and grow

Investing in yourself and growing as a person is a journey that is constantly going on. How we choose to invest in ourselves is different from person to person. But developing your skills in an area that makes you feel good and happy is a bit of a necessity if you ask me.

An important question to ask yourself a little now and then, but perhaps especially today is, "How can I invest in myself right now and who can help my future self?"

As I said we are all different and the answer is very individual.


With the change, fear can arise

When we face a change, often a feeling is the fear of being upset in the process of change. We are all in some form of change in one way or another right now. And it is natural to feel fear. It's OK. But staying in that feeling for too long is not healthy.

The situation that is in the world right now, it can be easy to get stuck in that I can not affect anything. But I am convinced that we can. We can influence and make conscious choices that can take us to an everyday life in which we want to live.

I know that it is possible to create new conditions in life. Even today, though much feels uncertain. Because I am convinced that everything will turn one day. When and how it will happen is nobody knows and can say. But one day it will be good again.

What to do?

Accepting staying at home right now can be a challenge in itself. Use the time for something you would otherwise not have taken the time to do.

I know that many people today are looking for the opportunity to work from home, to have a digital income. For those who are looking for that opportunity today, I just want to say… ..

Take the time to take action!

What small step can you take today towards your goal? And what will you do tomorrow?

Never underestimate small steps!

Please let me know what challenges you are facing right now. Challenges that prevent you from taking those steps to make changes.


Take care
See you soon



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