Hey! How are you? I am beginning to understand that autumn is on its way, the mornings a little cooler and the evenings darker. It always feels a bit like a fresh start in the autumn, I think. Like when I was little and school started after the long summer vacation. Autumn has new, shiny leaves that feel exciting to fill with good things.


So now the business is also starting to roll on more for real. And, I feel that I have missed writing here, I have taken it pretty easy with most things over the summer. So now it's time to start working more continuously with everything. You can expect to find a new post on Thursdays and Sundays, as I have planned.

I am currently working with a lot of development, perhaps mainly when it comes to myself. But because I and my business are so closely linked, it will also be a lot that affects the development of business as well. It is always interesting and instructive to go a little deeper when it's itself. To be able to see and gain a greater understanding of why I react and act in a certain way in certain situations. Maybe not always easy things, but it can feel like growing. And it's ok that's so.

Will share with me parts of what I do now in personal development, but feel a little too early when I sit in the middle of it and work. I think it's good that it can take a week or so before I share.



Need some help

I would be happy if I got some help from you. You who want to start your own business, or you who are about to start your own business, or you who are an entrepreneur - what would you like to learn more about, read about when it comes to online business? Marketing? Health and well-being as a small business owner? Tools for working online?


Thanks for your help 🙂


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