I get that question sometimes from people, and my answer is no.

Now, you are not too old to start an online business.

I and several of me are not 25 any longer  and we have started our business online without being a very young age. Starting or not starting a business online is not about a certain age. It is more about what attitude the person has to it. You can be 30 with the setting that you can't, and you can be 70 with the setting that you can start and do something new.

So a more fair answer is that no one is too old to start something online as long as the person in question wants to do it.

I think it may be that some people think that there are technical difficulties that can be an obstacle. Several years ago one of the difficulties with being successful in the digital world was the technology inside was more complicated than today. Get easier today getting set up websites and different business models.

Technology has become so much simpler today than it was a few years ago. It is more appropriate to want to learn new.


However, the great thing about what I've been able to do here with our business model is leverage a kind of out of the box system — there are some things you need to learn about the system, there are a few things you need to do to set up but it is just about following a series of videos.

I've seen so many succeed in its system. As I said before, more about their will to do this is about their commitment to following the training, putting things into practice, and making things happen.

And you got to tell you a couple of things. Being extremely passionate about helping, let's say the baby boomer era, I think they have an amazing job to give us the opportunities we have today.


The other thing I would say is that one of the things I think people fear when maybe a little older is that in getting started in business not going to be other people like them to network with; maybe they fit in, maybe, you know, going to turn up at our events and going to be the oldest person in the room. But, I am there and many with me who have come to a "mature" age.

Another thing that I'm pretty sure, I think there's a lot of people who are coming up to retirement or who have retired and they want an opportunity to be able to live life as best as they possibly can and quite often that means more money. But they don't want to work in a supermarket or they want to do some type of part-time job.

So if you are interested, regardless of your age, in learning more in our system or wondering how you can get started working online today, to you I really recommend you go to the picture under this post and enter your name and email for to see the workshop that shows how and in what way it is possible to start a digital business today.

Take your passion online and make money from it.

Keep distance. Have a good day.


This is a brand new webinar my mentor Stuart has done, for anyone who wants to work online or already does. It is very valuable that he shares.

Sign up, have a cup of coffee, be prepared with paper and pen to make a note.

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