Who is Karin?

Entrepreneur and Founder of "Freedom with WiFi"


Yes, so who am I? My name is Karin, I work as a digital entrepreneur, and I have the good fortune to call myself the mother of three wonderful people, my grown children.

I´m based in Stockholm and also have a cottage in northern Sweden. A place to relax, sit in front of the fireplace and do nothing. When I´m not renovating or fixing in the house.

Topics that are close to my heart are personal growth, leadership, entrepreneurship, online marketing, our own health and well-being. For a simpler everyday life, it facilitates good structure and good habits, and it is something I strive to improve on. Life becomes more balanced and more calm then.

My company's journey started in the early '90s in the sparsely populated area of Jämtland, Sweden a journey that then continued in Stockholm when I moved there in the early 2000's. My curiosity to try and explore new areas has meant that the content of companies has varied a great deal during these years. I have accumulated experience as both a solo contractor, a family company and a medium-sized company with around fifty employees.

My focus is now helping as many people as I can build and grow businesses that will similarly allow them to live life on their own term, their own freedom. I am proud to work with some of the leading providers of digital education in the world.

I really looking forward to supporting you in dreaming, building and living your life with freedom - on your terms.

My Story So Far......

As I mentioned earlier, I have been an entrepreneur since the early 1990s. Run a company where the business has been linked to a certain geographical location, companies with 24/7 operations, different companies with different operations and everything from solo entrepreneur to companies with fifty employees. Something that has been a common denominator in the various companies has been long working weeks, limited time with family and vacations.

Several years ago, my business partner and I had to bankrupt the then company, with fifty employees. A new company was started directly and in the same industry, but after a couple of years I ended up with burnout and depression. During the same period, I also started a business online. But, running two companies at that time was completely wrong.

Tough and difficult periods in one's life are many times a wake up call. Time for reflection on what feels important in life, on what is worth prioritizing in everyday life. During my burnout, which even today can come to visit, I decided to change things in my everyday life and my life. The steps are small, but taking a small step forward is better than going backwards, I think.

I am now on a MISSION to wake you up to an industry still in its infancy, waiting to be capitalised on by a new generation of entrepreneurs. Gone are the days of having to rely on traditional employment, commuting and struggling to enjoy any kind of quality of life.

I have no doubt that ANYONE with an open mind, a willingness to learn and a ballsy work ethic, can create their own reality – whatever they choose it to be.



Learning a new thing every day - it makes us grow as a person. To become a better version of ourselves.

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I´m building up a business that I´m able to run and build from a computer anywhere in the world. Be able to have the time and money freedom so that I´m able to spend my lives as I choose to. For me, freedom is the most important thing. No boss, no alarm clock or chasing customers and budgets for someone else's business. And I will help other people and families do the same.


To help ourselves and as many other human beings as possible, live the life we choose to live off our own will. We are already born to this wonderful universe so let's make it a ride to remember.


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