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One of the most valuable things we have is our time. We all have the same number of minutes per day, but how we use them is incredibly different. Do we use our time as valuable at all times, or waste it? How would your day look if you disregarded financial needs had the opportunity to choose freely how to use the hours of the day completely free? Would you prioritize differently than today?



Today many people talk about 'Digital Nomads' or 'A laptop lifestyle', where the opportunity to work from their kitchen table, in a cafe, on the beach - where the opportunity is combined to travel and work. It also gives you more freedom to live where the place itself provides power, tranquility and better well-being. Whether you feel comfortable in your home or want to travel, it is possible to know which way to go. With access to relevant skills and a simple business model.



Traditional work is limited by the hours of the day, you can only work a certain number of hours each day and it controls the income. Today we have other opportunities than what we have learned for generations backwards. The Internet has opened completely new doors to revenue streams, giving us new ways to relate to the economy.


and one of the most important things.......!



I believe that it is possible to create a life where one's well-being and well-being are given high priority. Although it is not always easy, you can focus and work on it.
There are so many people living in stress today who are overwhelming to fit into the standards set by society. There are so many who run on without taking the time and reflect on what feels important in real life.
After my 25 years as an entrepreneur, I have been tied to a certain place where the work was to be done, as well as long working weeks.

So I have landed in that an online business gives me freedom in so many parts of my life. Time, geographical, financial and having the opportunity to wake up without an alarm clock. A daily life where there is room for me as a person too.

So nice to meet you here and welcome to my digital home.....!

So nice to meet you here and welcome to my digital home .....!
First of all, I want to say Thank you for being able to scroll and read everything so far. Imagine so many acquaintances we can create through the internet! As you probably guessed, I see many benefits of the digital world, what opportunities it can give us. If we want.

I am Karin, who after 25 as a self-employed in traditional companies has now chosen to work full time online. I feel such a lot more freedom in my everyday life now than before. How amazing would it be if I could spread this freedom to other people?

My focus now is to strengthen and help as many other people as possible, that they can build companies that similarly allow them to live life on their terms. Being able to empower people to build companies around their passion and then create their best life.

I am both grateful and proud to work with some of the world-leading providers of digital education. By recommending the tools and coaching programs that I use, know and trust and also get paid for.

If you have any questions about what you see here on the site, do not hesitate to contact me on social media or the contact page.

I am really looking forward to helping others start their dream business.

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