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Take advantage of the digital age to build your lifestyle business based on your passion. One step closer to your version of freedom, through a life on your terms.



One of the most valuable things we have is our time. We all have the same number of minutes per day, but how we use them is incredibly different. Do we use our time as valuable at all times, or waste it?

How would your day look if you disregarded financial needs had the opportunity to choose freely how to use the hours of the day completely free? Would you prioritize differently than today?



Today many people talk about 'Digital Nomads' or 'A laptop lifestyle', where the opportunity to work from their kitchen table, in a cafe, on the beach - where the opportunity is combined to travel and work.

It gives people, like you and me, more freedom to be in a place that provides calmer everyday life. So regardless of whether you choose to work from home, or choose to travel, there is the opportunity to choose what is best for you. With access to relevant skills and a simple business model.



Traditional work is limited by the hours of the day, you can only work a certain number of hours each day and it controls the income. Today we have other opportunities than what we have learned for generations backwards.

The Internet has opened completely new doors to revenue streams, giving us new ways to relate to the economy.



Mastering all areas of life to live your ultimate best life is the first step to taking full control of your own life.

Freedom with WiFi wants to show you how to cultivate your own version of freedom, by creating a life you love doing what you love, by living on your own terms.

We mainly use two ways for online businesses to enable people to create freedom in their lives and create a life that they love by living on their terms.

  •   Affiliate Marketing
  •   E-Commerce


Create a life you love doing what you love, where your passion lies, and how you can create a life following your purpose.

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Digital skills are needed more than ever today.

Especially if you;

* Want to start a business on the internet
* Want to grow a business
* Want to bring a business online
* Want to develop the digital skills

How I Can Help

I want to give you the best conditions to create your income streams digitally by running your own online business as smoothly as possible.

I'm a firm believer that everyone deserves a chance to love the life they live. To wake up excited about what the day holds and never dread another Monday morning. I believe that you can follow your passion and make a meaningful impact on the world by doing i.

Everyone with courage and desire can live their life on their own terms. For this you need a computer, wifi but also a desire to learn new skills and to grow as a person.

I have here all the training, tools and community support you need to succeed. Even the people who today do not have a business can start their own online business even without their own idea or product. Click Learn More to find out how.

Training And Education

The training included is set together by proven experts in the field. You will start by getting access to step-by-step getting started modules, bit-sized tutorials, weekly live training and constantly updated material about the online marketing world.

Earn While You Learn

Many people start with their online business as a compliment to their ordinary jobs. No matter if you already have an existing product to sell or not you will be able to start putting the skills you learn into action and generate an *income while you are learning them.

Coaching And Support

Starting a business on your own can be very tough and overwhelming. That’s why technincal support and a community forum as well as business- and motivational coaching are included. I will personally also give you support and tips, having gone through this training myself.


Help yourself by helping others. It's a bit like that in my case. By helping others create their freedom in their everyday lives, it gives me joy to see others' passion in life take the form of an online business.

I'm Karin Sundkvist. I'm a digital marketer, online business owner. My main focus is helping as many people as I can, build and grow businesses that will similarly allow them to live on their own terms.

I am both grateful and proud to work with some of the world-leading providers of digital education. By recommending the tools and coaching programs that I use, know and trust and also get paid for.

I have been self-employed for over 25 years in various industries. Now that I work online, I have a completely different type of freedom than before. I can influence my days so that I can take care of my health and well-being in the best way.

A business is not just about the money.

Taking the camera out into nature, or sitting with paper and pen to draw letters, calligraphy these are moments of freedom for me. I believe that we all need to do creative things, try new things for one to develop and to strengthen our health.

If you have any questions about what you see here on the site, do not hesitate to contact me on social media or the contact page.

Looking forward to helping you discover Your Freedom.



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